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Birthday Information

Special Prices for Birthday parties

Prices for 1 hour of game:

  • Kids (up to 12 y/o) - 8,5€/kid
  • Teens (13 - 18 y/o) - 12,5€/teen
  • Adults (over 18 y/o) - 20€/adult

Prices for 2 hours of game:

This offer includes a free t-shirt for the birthday person + a free entrance for all the guests

  • Kids: 12,5€/kid
  • Teens: 16€/teen
  • Adults: 20€/adult

Those prices only include the game for a minimum of 9 people, if you wish to have a meal in your birthday we can include 1/2 pizza + drink for 6 additional euros per person.

From 1st September to 31 st May we will invite you the cake if you make your birthday party during weekdays (Monday - Thursday)


  • It is not allowed to bring food or drinks from outside
  • For kids birthays: They have to play with one adult per team or with a monitor for the whole group (price of the monitor 20€ for the whole birthay)
  • For kids birthdays: We can make customized birthday invitations with no additional cost as long as we receive the picture of the kid at least 5 days before the birthday.
  • Make a reservation at least 7 days before the birthday to ensure your booking
  • Booking times will be respected, if the birthday guests come 30 minutes later, we cannot ensure to have availability for another 30 minutes, so please arrive at least 20 minutes before your reservation.
  • For any other question or request please contact info@prisonisland.es or call 951 137 242

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