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Prison Island Benalmadena

Great adult activity loved by kids

Prison Island is the adult activity who all kids love

When you watch Prison Island videos you could get the impression that the activity is not suitable for kids, well the truth is that Prison Island is not focused on children entertainment, the Prison theme is quite realistic, dark cells, tricky challenges even difficult for clever adults. However we have many birthday parties of 8, 9, 10 year old kids. Obviously they need to hire a monitor to help them through the cells, but still, Why is Prison Island popular among youngsters?

We have been asking different parents and kids, we will show you the answers:


  • Adults think the most important thing is the score, kids just want to go to the cells, climb, play, use objects and have fun.

    • Adults think that the challenges are too difficult for kids and they will get easily bored, kids love to discover new cells, they think, they make some points, they make mistakes, and they try to do something similar to get more points next time.

    • Adults think kids will be scared in the cells, most kids love the cells, the paintings, the challenges and the whole concept.

    • Adults try to beat the challenge cell by cell, so they may not see all the cells at the end of the game, kids love to see them all and then try the ones they liked most.
  • Adults may think it is dangerous to leave kids alone by the cells, the truth is there is no danger inside the cells, nothing you can easily fix with a small plaster.

  • Of all our visitors (over 7000) that we have had until now, we could count with our fingers those who have had an accident, and fortunately almost of them were caused by accidents caused by their own team mates (stomps, shoves, collisions)

To sum up, we think that even Prison Island is not made for kids specifically, we think it could be a great boost for children skills, such as, Team work, logic, tactic, coordination, and many more.

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