Activities for sport clubs in Málaga.

Nowadays practicing any sport is not an easy task,the sport requires innumerable hours of training, consentration and body care.

This is why many sport clubs decide to go for activities like PRISON ISLAND to encourage the team work between the athletes, because this activity does not only make them create links outside the field, it also helps them to learn to communicate in tough situations.

The possibility of forming teams of 3-4 people makes the possibilities infinite, the youngest against the most experienced, boys against girls etc. The máximum capacity per turn is 64 people playing at the same time, which means we can have up to 16 teams of 4 players.

This activity is proper when it comes to valuing team work, since very few of the challenges can be solved by one single person, so the individualities are left out of the exam.

After the period of competitions the athletes need to rest their mind a Little, take off their nerves, the stressand let the laughter flow while the tea mis putt o the test. If you are a member of a sport club you can propose this activity to your coach, and if you are the coach we are sure that your athletes would appreciate this propose.

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