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In this post we want to show more information about the events that we can host at Prison Island Benalmádena.

Having 22 cells brings the possibility of celebrate special events that other places just cannot, and just because sometimes it is important for all the guests to participate at the same time.

This is possible due to Prison Island`s philosophy “The team always needs you and you always need the team”; Nowadays it looks like we are raised to be independent, something that it does not happen in reality, in every company there must be different positions, to guarantee the survival of the company, not everyone can do the same function nor all employees must do all functions, we need to cooperate.

All this comes in our daily routine, thanks to social network we can have thousands of friends, but out of those thousands we keep close contact with a very little percentage. And that close contact may be based on likes on pictures, comments in posts or chat conversations. It looks like human interaction diminishes to support a bigger network of contacts.

At Prison Island we break those emotional barriers and we work to obtain the greatest human interaction possible, making communication, coordination and team-work capacity the key of success to get a good score.

Type of events we can organize:
– Birthday Parties:

12 years old or 47, any age is good to celebrate a birthday party at Prison Island Benalmádena (our recommendation is to include an adult per team for kids under 12 y/o, since it will be quite hard for younger kids to understand the logic of the challenge). The good side of these kind of birthday is that you can organize your guests according to different criteria, such us, male VS female, young VS less young, single VS married, or even mix your different friends circles to produce new relations.

And the best thing of all of it is the competitivity, when many teams are playing at the same time and compete against each other, the adrenaline is an extra that makes the experience even more satisfying.

We do have offers and discounts for these kind of events as long as the groups are formed at least by 9 people, most events book for 2 hours, since its the time enough to challenge all the cells.

Apart from the birthday party, the offer also include:

  • Free t-shirt for the birthday person
  • Extra free ticket for all the guests
  • Host (20€ per birthday)
  • Terrace to enjoy food and drink after the game
  • Customized invitations

And the possibility of including food and drink:

  • 1/2 pizza + drink for 6€

For further information about birthday events do not hesitate to contact us.

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