Prison Island Malaga Team Building

Team building and events for companies in Malaga, Marbella and Fuengirola

Do you want to strengthen relationships between colleagues in your work? In Prison Island you will have two complementary activities to reinforce those links.

You can choose between:

  • 1.5 hours of gameplay on Prison Island.
  • 2 hours of gameplay on Laser Island.
  • 1.5 hours of Prison Island gameplay + Laser Island tournament.

Also consult with us the possibility of including a catering (drinks + snacks) on our terrace overlooking the port. 

The prices for companies are the same that you will find on the page of prices. Additionally, for groups with at least 12 participants, the winning team will take a special gift and some tickets to come back another day.

For company reservations, contact us at or in the 951 81 09 22. You can also consult the frequently asked questions for Prison Island Y Laser Island.

What can a Team Building event consist of in Prison and Laser Island Málaga?

As Team Building activities, we have 2 activities, Laser Island and Prison Island.

Prison Island It has a dynamic similar to an escape room but with very varied cells where in teams of 3-4 people you have to solve as many cells as possible in the given time, you are never locked up, but if a cell is very complex you can go to next. We have organized many Team Building activities where up to 64 people have participated at a time. When they are larger events, we organize different shifts and adapt to the needs of the company.

Laser Island It is a Laser Tag with a capacity of up to 8 adults. Therefore, it is also played in teams of 3 and 4 people depending on the number of participants, and it can be the same Prison teams or changing teams. Laser matches are designed to last 6 minutes because in our experience it offers a better experience.

Our Team Building recommendation: our Combo Pack (both activities)

In our experience, most companies are usually interested in our Combo Pack, which includes 1.5 hours of Prison Island Málaga + a Eliminatory Laser Tag Tournament. The price per person is 24,5€ and includes a gift for the winning Prison Island team and a free entrance for all participants (as long as there is a minimum of 12 people).

Additionally, we offer a service of catering for an additional price of €10 per person. This catering can be enjoyed after the 1.5 hour game of Prison Island, while the Laser Tag tournament is taking place, so while the teams are playing in the Laser Tournament, the rest of the teams can have a cold drink with some snacks.

Second Option: Prison Island Málaga Team Building Event (1.5 hours)

In the case of choosing the option of only Prison Island, you can enjoy our escape room installation for an hour and a half. We will help you make teams of 3 or 4 people, and from then on the teams will face different challenges in each of our twenty-one rooms. Each team will be free to enter and leave each room whenever they want, and their objective will be to overcome the greatest number of challenges to win the best score in the company.

The cost per person of this activity is 20,5 €.

In this modality, we also include the catering option for an additional price of €10 per person that can be enjoyed once the activity has finished.

Third option: Laser Tag Team Building Event at Laser Island Málaga (2 hours)

In the case of choosing the Laser Tag modality as a team building event, we usually recommend teams of 3 or 4 people and do a knockout tournament or a league mode to see which team is the winner. 

In Laser Tag we have two game modes that you can choose from. By points or by type lives (as in the Fortnite game). For logistical reasons we only offer this type of company event from Monday to Thursday.

A common recommendation for companies is (assuming 4 computers):

-2 games in test mode. AB and CD (1 per team)
– 6 league games = AB, CD, AC, DB, AD, BC

– 2 games all against all (Fortnite) – Maximum 8 per game.
– 3 Games Eliminatory Tournament 2 semifinals and Final.

Our approximate game time estimate is 90 minutes + vest changes between games = 120 minutes. 13 games = 120 minutes + 30 additional minutes of Catering.

Additionally, we also offer the service of catering for an additional price of €10 per person. This catering can be enjoyed while the Laser Tag activity is taking place, so while the teams are playing in the Laser, the rest of the teams can relax with a drink and snacks.

The price of the activity goes by time: The proposal is made for a group of 12-16 people (4 teams), if there are more teams the price will be estimated according to the number of games. Ask us for a more detailed plan that fits your company.

Price of 90 minutes of play: €225 (for 12 – 16 players)

Price for catering: €10 per person

Our center is ideal for team building events in Malaga, Marbella and Fuengirola

Being located in the Benalmádena marina, Prison Island and Laser Island are ideal for organizing team building events for companies that are in Malaga, Marbella and Fuengirola. In addition, we are in the Puerto Marina shopping center, which has numerous parking areas.