Open 4 new cells!


Much more than an escape room in Malaga

Welcome to the world of Prison Island! At the Prison Island theme park you will have access to two of the most fun activities in Malaga (in Puerto Marina – Benalmádena): a popular alternative to escape rooms with 24 challenges to overcome and a Laser Tag center to trigger the adrenaline of the body.

Prison Island Malaga

In Prison Island you will have to work in teams of 3-5 people to solve 24 unique challenges, earn points and compete against other teams. These challenges will test your skill, strength, intelligence and ability to coordinate with your teammates. This activity is an alternative to the escape rooms in Malaga perfect for adults, children, families and events of all kinds.

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Laser Island Malaga

Laser Island is a laser game in which you will be divided into two teams and you will have to destroy your opponents, but be careful not to get shot! You will play in a 200m room2 room full of obstacles, smoke and of course lasers! Assemble your team, put on your vest and get ready for an epic battle.

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New Combo Pack: Prison Island Malaga + Laser Island!

Do you want to enjoy all our activities or just can't decide? 

Without a doubt our best option. For an unbeatable price, gather your best friends, colleagues and family and let the action begin!

Who is Prison Island and Laser Island for?

Both young and old, both short and tall, company meetings, birthday parties, sports schools, college classes, graduation parties, family reunions or bachelor parties. Everything is possible! In addition, since we have so many rooms, it is also ideal for large groups. How many escape rooms in Malaga do you know that accept more than 10 people?

Escape room en familia en Málaga - Prison Island

For the entire family

Prison Island Málaga has a perfect environment to enjoy family challenges, making you think together and work side by side. All ages are allowed, but children under 12 may find the challenges too difficult to participate without an adult.

Venue for parties and events in Malaga

If you are tired of the typical events and birthday parties you should come and try our special birthday parties, where all your guests will be challenged to be the best party team and get free tickets for future visits.

Company Events - “Team Building”

Prison Island Malaga is one of the best activities that can be done if we talk about communication between the participants, the ability to work as a team, coordination and leadership. The different rooms are designed to encourage communication between people and to create a healthy atmosphere of competitiveness.

Colleges and sports schools

Prison Island Malaga combines mind and body in a very balanced way. We all know that control of the body is just as important as having a sharp mind. In this sense, our activities encourage children to stay active and healthy, and to socialize through escape room challenges that are precisely adapted for children from 11-12 years old (1º ESO). All of our cells have a combination of physical, tactical and technical challenges. Only teams of children and adolescents who have good teamwork will be able to solve our cells.


Prison Island and Laser Island are perfect activities for groups of adults from 3 to 50+ people who want to be challenged. Are you ready for action?


Prison Island is perfect for family time, with activities that challenge the family's logic, physical dexterity, and coordination.


Prison Island is an escape room adapted for children from 12 years old, and it is perfect for birthdays and as a place to celebrate children's parties.


Prison Island and Laser Island offer perfect challenges to encourage team building, communication, coordination and leadership.

Customer reviews about Prison Island Málaga and Laser Island

Unprecedented escape room

“We were in two teams yesterday and we had a great time. It is a very original exhaust, totally different from anything I had done before. Great staff and super fun tests. We recommend it!!”
Christina C.

Adrenaline 100%

"Fantastic. Ideal for 3-4 people, both adults and children. We made 2 teams, one for adults and one for children. We had a great time. Recommended 100%. Flexibility to book also for corporate teamwork, large groups, parties, birthdays and any type of events."

Great fun for the family

"We liked a lot. Very varied tests. Ideal to go as a family with teenagers. Very friendly staff. The Laser Island is also very good.“

A very fun company experience

“We were a group of friends and co-workers. We were divided into three groups and we had a great time. It is recommended to go dressed in comfortable clothes and if you have time, do not hesitate to take two hours because time flies. You laugh a lot, you get frustrated, you persevere and in the end you celebrate the achievements you are achieving. The treatment of the unbeatable staff, they attended our demented at all times and were available to help us in everything. Thank you very much for making this experience so much fun.”
Duns B.


Ask for a budget without commitment to organize an event that suits you.

Certificates of Excellence

From 2020 to 2022 we were closed due to the pandemic, but we return with more desire and with the premises renovated.

Certificado Excelencia 2018 TripAdvisor - Prison Island Malaga
Certificado Excelencia 2019 TripAdvisor - Prison Island Malaga

Where can you find us?

Prison Island Malaga is located in the most central area of Puerto Marina, Benalmadena. It is located on the second floor of the Puerto Marina Shopping Mall building (above the Supercor). You will see it when you walk through Puerto Marina.

The location is perfect for nearby cities like Fuengirola and Torremolinos, at around a fifteen minute drive and about 40 minutes by public transport. In this sense, we offer an escape room to Fuengirola and a magnificent laser tag center.

From Central Station Malaga (María Zambrano) it takes 25 minutes with cercanías train (and walking 15 minutes) or taking the M-110 bus basically leaves you at the premises (about 4 minutes walk). Our Prison Island center is ideal as an alternative to an escape room for Malaga and also as a laser tag.

In addition, you can go ahead and enjoy Puerto Marina. Puerto Marina is located on the Costa del Sol, considered among one of the best marinas in the world, with plenty of restaurants, shops, attractions and nightlife. It has won the award for "The best port in the world" on several occasions. The port of Benalmádena officially opened in 1979, under the name “Port au Prince” but in 1982 it was renamed Puerto Marina Benalmádena. What stands out most about this port is its architectural design, which was the main reason why it has so much international recognition by our tourists. Also, our terrace offers one of the best views of the port!