Prison Island Malaga

24 cells with different challenges – Much more than an escape room

General Information about Prison Island

Prison Island is a theme park in which, by teams of 3-4 people, they will have to solve as many of our 24 cells as possible in a given time (recommended minimum time, 1.5h). These cells have physical challenges, as well as skill, technique, aim, precision, logic and all of them require a great capacity for teamwork to overcome them. There is the possibility of hosting up to 16 teams (64 people) playing at the same time, which gives this escape room modality a competitive edge, which makes the activity even more attractive.

This is how Prison Island works

Frequently Asked Questions - Prison Island

No. However, if any of the participants is under the age of 13 yearsThey must be accompanied by at least one adult.

The time visitors spend on Prison Island varies. However, the general experience is that time flies when you visit Prison Island. In one hour there is time to do 10-12 cells, in two hours there is time to do them all, most of our visitors choose at least 1.5 hours on their first visit.

The optimal number of players is 4, but they can also be teams of 3 with no problem. Prison Island cells are designed for teamwork, and some cannot be solved without at least 3 people. For larger groups it is recommended to make teams of 4 people.

It can also be played in pairs but it increases the difficulty and it will be impossible to solve all the cells. If you can ,call a friend!

Yes, Prison Island has a capacity of up to 64 people, depending on the number of cells available, so a maximum of 16 teams can participate at the same time and a maximum of 5 people per team.

No, Prison Island is an adult-focused theme park. This does not mean that children cannot participate, in fact, they love to participate in our challenges, but the difficulty is high for them, so it is necessary that under 13 years old Enter accompanied by at least one adult.

No, there is no special order to follow, you can choose the cells you want to attempt completely at random.
When you come to Prison Island you have full access to any of the cells and you can make as many attempts as you want from each of the cells.

No, Prison Island is simply set in a prison, but there is no one to scare you and no symbols or objects that can cause fear to someone (unless it's Halloween). The only thing that can impact you is that the lighting is dim.

No, there are no animals in any of the cells, you don't have to worry about that. There is also no water or mud.

You can't get multiple scores per room, but you can try to improve your previous score if you don't have the highest possible score yet. The highest score achieved in each cell will always be saved, and will not be reduced if you get a lower score when trying again.

No special clothing is required, just avoid uncomfortable clothing like heels, suits, and fancy dresses. It is advisable to come in comfortable clothes and trainers.

It is highly recommended to make a reservation. It is possible that when you arrive you will have to wait if you do not have your reservation made.

No, you don't need to be in great physical shape to enjoy Prison Island, there are of course some cells that require good physical skills, but many others require more other mental and coordinative qualities such as balance, logic and tactics. But anyone can come to enjoy Prison Island whether you are 5 or 99 years old.

All your achievements on Prison Island will be automatically tracked and recorded in our IT System. There are screens in the corridors where you can see the results of your team and the other teams while you play.

Yes, they can enter but it is possible that some children feel afraid due to the absence of light in some areas.

Yes, in Prison Island it is you who chooses the cell you are going to make. There are cells that do not require any type of physical ability, however, not everyone on the team needs to do the physical part to be able to solve the challenge. In any case, each person is different and it would be good to check with our reception staff.