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Escape room for bachelor and bachelorette parties in Malaga

Celebrate your bachelorette or bachelorette party with us

Are you looking to make a different bachelorette or bachelorette party and full of action? We have 2 activities, Laser Island and Prison Island.

From our own experience, adult events are often interested in our Combo Pack, which consists of 1.5 hours from Prison Island + a Elimination Laser Tag Tournament and a drink to cool off between activities. The price per person is 27€ at our Happy Hour (Monday to Thursday) and 32€ at any other time. It also includes a special gift for the lucky person of the event, a gift for the winning Prison Island team and a free entry for all participants in events with a minimum of 9 people.

We also offer, for an additional price of €12 per person a catering service. This catering can be enjoyed after the game of 1.5 hours from Prison Island, while the Laser Tag tournament is taking place, so while the teams are playing in the Laser Tournament, the rest of the teams can have a cool drink with some snacks.

Prison Island is much more than an escape room for bachelor and bachelorette parties in Malaga!

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despedida de soltera en málaga, en Prison Island
Example of a bachelorette party at Prison Island Málaga.
despedida de soltera en málaga, en Prison Island

Why an escape room for bachelor and bachelorette parties with Prison Island?

The singles parties They are one of those legendary events that have been with us for so many years and that are celebrated with friends to bid farewell to the singleness of future husbands and wives... Generally, they are characterized by being meetings with excesses in which shame and shyness do not They have a place, lots of laughter and jokes, hours in bars and restaurants, etc. Most of the activities are already well-known and sometimes it is difficult to find something different with which to surprise the couple and make the meeting even more memorable.

Therefore, one of the reasons why Escape Rooms for single men and women in Malaga They have become a new fashion in farewell parties, it is because they are intense, original and very fun activities with a variety of types and themes.

And this is where Prison Island offers additional value,

Bringing a perfect union between mental and physical skill activities, and fun with your friends! !

A different farewell in Malaga!

Contact us to reserve your escape room for a bachelor party in Malaga

To book a bachelor party, contact us at malaga@prisonisland.es or call us at  951 81 09 22

You can also consult the frequently asked questions for Prison Island and Laser Island

What is an escape room for bachelor parties at Prison Island Málaga like?

If you want one bachelor or bachelorette party in Malaga, we recommend that you look at the two options we offer at our location: Prison Island and Laser Island.

One of the advantages of celebrating with us is that both activities are indoors in our air-conditioned rooms, so you don't have to worry if it's hot or if it rains.

Prison Island Malaga

Escape room colegios

Prison Island is similar to a escape room in Malaga, but we have more than twenty different rooms in which you can explore and overcome challenges of different characteristics before your time runs out.

If you have invited a large number of people to your bachelor party, don't worry, because you can play up to 64 people at the same time.


Laser Island Malaga

Laser Tag en Málaga

Laser Island is a laser tag indoor, which allows 8 adults to play simultaneously. Normally, groups of 3-4 adults are made against 3-4 adults, with the same teams from Prison Island or with different teams.

Games last 6 minutes.

We get bachelor parties and bachelorette parties from Malaga, Marbella and Fuengirola

You can find us in the Benalmádena marina, in the Puerto Marina shopping center. The shopping center has parking areas.

From what we see from our clients, it is very common to take advantage and spend the weekend in Malaga to pay us a visit and have a great time. If you have any questions about how to get there or about what the event would be like, do not hesitate to contact us.

Other Escape room services


Celebrate a different birthday with us! In addition to the 1.5h of Prison Island, we include you pizza, snacks and drinks, a T shirt for the birthday kid and invitation for all attendees so they can come back another day!

Laser tag malaga - chicos jugando en Laser Island


Book your school activity with Prison Island! Pre-order today and enjoy 1.5 hours of gameplay on Prison Island. In addition, all participants will take a invitation to come another day and, as if this were not enough, the winning team will also get a special gift.


You want strengthen relationships between colleagues in your work? In Prison Island you will have two activities complementary measures to strengthen those links.

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