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Escape room activities for schools

Participate in different languages!

Prison Island is available in Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Czech and German, making it an ideal activity for learners of different languages.

Escape room activities for Colleges, Schools and Institutes

Are you interested in organizing an excursion with us? In our center, we have 2 recreational activities: Laser Island and Prison Island.

We have been organizing for more than 5 years events for schools and institutes. In our experience, the activity that tends to be of most interest is our Combo Pack, consisting of 1.5 hours from Prison Island and in a Elimination Laser Tag Tournament.

Plus, this combo pack includes a prize for the winning Prison Island team and free entry to all event participants with a minimum of 12 students.

They are perfect activities For students from 5th grade on.

Important! Remember that, for Laser Island, the minimum height is 130cm.

Dos chicas jugando en sala de escape en Benalmádena
Dos chicas jugando en sala de escape en Benalmádena

Contact us to book

To book an excursion or school activity or to clarify any questions, please contact us at malaga@prisonisland.es or call us at  951 81 09 22. 

You can also consult the frequently asked questions for Prison Island and Laser Island.

What is an excursion for schools and institutes from Malaga to Prison and Laser Island like?

As school activities (includes any educational center and academies), we have 2 activities fun that require important skills and abilities, such as the need to collaborate, discuss possible solutions, think together and overcome various challenges on Prison Island. In addition, we offer adrenaline, fun, strategy and the excitement of team play in our laser tag.

Both Prison Island and Laser Island are indoor events in our air-conditioned rooms, so you don't have to worry at all that the tour will be canceled due to bad weather.

An alternative escape room schoolr the most fun!

Prison Island Malaga

Escape room colegios

Prison Island It is similar to a escape room in Malaga but with more than twenty different rooms in which students, in groups of 3 and 4, must manage to solve the greatest number of challenges and rooms in the agreed time.

We have the capacity to offer fun  up to 64 students at a time. In the case of larger events, we adapt to the needs of the school and offer different shifts. If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you organize it.


Laser Island Malaga

Laser Island is a laser tag center that allows 8 students to play at the same time. So, in the case of events, it is usually played in teams of 3-4 students, depending on the number of participants in the excursion. You can play with the same teams made for Prison Island or you can create new teams.

Laser games last 6 minutes, the ideal time to offer a complete experience of adrenaline, tension and strategy to be discussed among students.

Urgent reservations?

Have you had one canceled? outdoor excursion with another company and need a solution for your students? Call us and we will do our best to help you organize the excursion at our center the same day or the next day: 951 81 09 22. 

Information and Prices on Original Activities for Schools

You can choose the pack with one of the activities or the combo with both activities, dividing the group into 2 and while some students play on Prison Island, the others play on Laser Island and then switch, after a break between both activities.

The price of Prison Island (1.5h) is:

  • 12€ from Monday to Friday in the morning
  • 15€ on weekends and holidays

The price of combopack (Prison Island + Laser Island) is:

  • 18€ from Monday to Friday in the morning
  • 20€ on weekends and holidays
*The price includes a special gift for the winning team and a free ticket for all attendees with a minimum of 12 participants.
Familia jugando en una escape room de Málaga - Prison Island
Familia jugando en una escape room de Málaga - Prison Island

We receive school and institute excursions from Malaga, Marbella and Fuengirola

We receive excursions from any point in Andalusia, but especially from Málaga, Fuengirola, Torremolinos and Marbella! We are located in the Benalmádena marina. Both Prison Island and Laser Island Málaga are ideal for organizing activities and excursions for schools and institutes that promote physical activity, collaboration, cooperation, overcoming challenges and strategy.

Much more than a escape room for primary and secondary school children!

You can find us in the Puerto Marina shopping center, which has parking areas.

Other Escape room services


Celebrate a different birthday with us! In addition to the 1.5h of Prison Island, we include you pizza, snacks and drinks, a T shirt for the birthday kid and invitation for all attendees so they can come back another day!

Stag Parties

Are you looking for a different and action-packed stag party? Book activities on Prison Island and the winning team will also get a special gift and some tickets to come another day.


You want strengthen relationships between colleagues in your work? In Prison Island you will have two activities complementary measures to strengthen those links.

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