Laser Island Benalmadena

One of the best laser tag in Malaga

What is a laser tag?

Laser tag is a strategic combat simulation game where players try to tag other players with a laser to eliminate them from the game.

At our Laser Island facility, we have state-of-the-art special laser vests and pistols. The setting of our premises is a labyrinth interior, presenting a series of obstacles to be able to take refuge, shelter, and that allows you to think of strategies to capture the enemy base. In addition, we have some extra atmospheric elements to create a greater immersion in the game, such as smoke machines, simulation ambient lights, and walls painted with luminescence paint so that players know where they are at all times.

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What can I expect from a laser tag match at Laser Island?

In addition to spending an unforgettable time with your friends, family or business colleagues where you will release adrenaline in its purest form, a laser tag game on Laser Island is divided into two teams and 6-minute games.

The objective of each game is to capture the enemy base by shooting lasers to a strategic point of the base. To do this, it will be necessary to move forward and shoot at the players of the opposing team while avoiding being marked by them at all costs.

Before the match begins, a Laser Island instructor will show a short instructional video and help all players get the vest on and learn how to use the laser pistol.

Laser Tag is a very complete game


Plan with your teammates the ideal strategy to capture the enemy base.


You will need to cooperate with your team, negotiating which corridors to attack and how you intend to defend.


Laser shots, ramps, labyrinthine decoration, smoke machines and a single winning team.


Advance to the enemy base, fall back to your base to defend it, escape or chase. You decide how much energy to spend.

For which people is a laser tag game recommended?

This team game requires strategic, aiming and physical effort, but it adapts very well to different age ranges (perfect for adults and children), ability and physical condition. If a player is tired, he can stay hidden, guarding the base and taking strategic positions to cover his team; if, on the other hand, the player is very active, he can spend the 6 minutes of each game moving around and trying to catch opponents off guard. As for the aim, since some corridors are longer than others, the smart player can choose to choose zones that suit him according to his style of play (the better your aim, the further you can shoot).

If after the game you are tired and need to recharge your batteries, you will have the cafeteria available to have a drink and rest.

In terms of safety, it is important to emphasize that it is a fun and safe game in that it is a physical activity. The lasers we use do not harm or cause any type of injury. If you're shot, you'll feel your vest vibrate and see it glow a color, but you won't notice the shot. This is different from, for example, Paintball or other non-laser modalities where there is physical contact with what is fired. In addition, the game takes place with enough light to see the facilities well (ramps, curves) and at a conditioned indoor temperature. The pistols are attached to the vests so they don't get lost. And before starting to play, the instructor will remind you of some basic safety rules, such as avoiding physical contact with other players, not throwing yourself to the ground or hiding lying down (you can cause accidents) and in general respect other players and the facilities.

Laser Island is Ideal for all kinds of Events

Birthdays and Parties

Laser tag is a perfect game for children's birthdays and all kinds of celebrations for adults.

Company Events

Do you want to organize a meeting in your company to do "team building" and have a great time?

Bachelor Parties

As an original event, there's nothing like getting your adrenaline pumping with a laser beam match.

Schools and Colleges

End-of-year excursions, all kinds of celebrations, or as an activity to encourage exercise.

Is the laser tag center adapted for children to play?

Yes, it is adapted for children to have a great time. In fact, there is nothing better for a birthday than to celebrate it with some laser tag games with friends. For this we have special laser tag birthday events for children.

There is no recommended minimum age, the important thing for us is that children have a minimum height of 1.20 m. This figure is not random, it is simply so that the pistol hanging from the vest does not hit the ground to avoid tripping and other accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions - Laser Island

The laser games are divided into games of 6 minutes each. Packages of 12 minutes (2 games) or 4 games (24 minutes) can be purchased.

The minimum is 2 people. You can always wait for more players to arrive if you prefer.

No. However, due to the equipment used for the pistols, the minimum height to play is 120cm.

It does not hurt. If you're shot, you'll feel your vest vibrate and see it glow a color, but you won't notice the shot.


Where can you find our Laser Tag center?

Laser Island Benalmádena is located in the most central area of Puerto Marina, Benalmádena. On the second floor of the Puerto Marina Shopping Mall building. You will see it when you walk through Puerto Marina (above the Supercor).

The location is perfect for nearby cities such as Fuengirola, about fifteen minutes by car and about 40 minutes by public transport. We basically offer a laser tag center for Fuengirola.

Our laser tag center is located very close to Malaga. From the central station of Malaga (María Zambrano) it takes 25 minutes with the suburban train (and on foot 15 minutes) or taking the M-110 bus leaves you basically at the premises (about 4 minutes on foot).