Celebrate your birthday at Prison Island Malaga

Celebrate your birthday at our Prison and Laser Island location

Celebrate an original birthday with us, whether you are celebrating your tenth birthday or turning fifty! The birthday boy will receive a gift, and attendees will receive an invitation so they can come back another day.

Depending on whether it is a children's or adult birthday, we advise you to look at our information and prices for children's birthdays and adult birthdays.

Contact us to book

To book original birthday parties in Malaga (Benalmádena) or to clarify any questions, contact us at malaga@prisonisland.es or call us at  951 81 09 22

You can also consult the frequently asked questions for Prison Island and Laser Island.

Children's Birthday at Prison Island Malaga

The recommended age for children's birthday It is from 9 years old and would be valid until 17 years old. It is ideal to celebrate birthdays in Malaga for adolescents and children of these ages.

On children's birthdays Prison Island, in addition to the game, we include you pizza, snacks and drinks, a T shirt for the birthday kid and invitation for all attendees so they can come back another day!

He laser tag birthday includes only the price of the activity regardless of the number of players, additionally the price of food is €10 per child.

After the game, you will have a reserved table in our birthday area for 45 minutes.

You need to contact us directly to book a birthday on Prison Island or Laser Island.

Important note! All birthdays with children children under 13 must have a monitor for every 9-12 children. From 12 children it will be necessary to hire an additional monitor.

Important! Remember that, for Laser Island, the minimum height is 130cm.

Children's birthday

*Happy Hour It is a discount that applies from Monday to Thursday at any time.

Book monitors for your child's birthday

If you have already spoken with us and your birthday needs to reserve monitors, you can reserve them here. Adult birthdays do not need monitors.

Contact us to book

To book a birthday or to clarify any questions, please contact us at malaga@prisonisland.es or call us at  951 81 09 22

You can also consult the frequently asked questions for Prison Island and Laser Island.

Adult Birthday

Adult birthdays (from 18 years old) do not need any monitor, in addition includes a gift for the birthday boy and a ticket for all participants so they can come another day (for reservations of at least 9 people).

Do you want to add a catering service to your event? Get in touch with us to book your event with catering service (Snacks + drinks) for only additional €12 per person.

Book to celebrate your birthday in our happy hour and you will have a discount automatically!

*Happy Hour It is a discount that applies from Monday to Thursday at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions for Birthdays

Yes, you can bring a birthday cake. However, food, snacks or drinks must be purchased on the premises.

Please let us know as soon as possible, with a minimum of 3 days in advance, about specific allergies to make sure we have enough options on the birthday. Either during the reservation in the extra information section, or by contacting us via email or phone.

All birthdays with children under 13 years old must have a monitor every three teams. The monitor will be with you at the birthday party at all times, he will explain the game, give clues if necessary and control the children inside the cells. If you do not want to reserve the monitor, an adult must enter per team, who can pay for their entry at reception. The price of the monitor can be added to the reservation.

No. However, on Laser Island, due to the equipment used for the pistols, the Minimum height to play is 130cm.

Our Birthday recommendation: Prison Combo Pack + Laser Island Málaga

Is there any more original possibility of celebrating a birthday in Malaga (Benalmádena) than combining the experience of an hour and a half from Prison Island with half an hour from Laser Island?

From my own experience, the most requested birthdays are our Combo Pack, which has 1.5 hours of Prison Island + a Laser Tag Elimination Tournament. The package includes the game in both activities, a food menu, a t-shirt for the birthday boy and a free entrance for all participants in events with a minimum of 9 people.

Prison Island

Enjoy 1.5 hours on Prison Island and overcome our challenges and activities in teams of 3-4 people.

Laser Island

Then, play a team Laser Tag tournament to get an adrenaline rush and figure out how to defeat your opponents.


The price already includes a food menu. The menu includes pizza, snacks and drinks (contact in case of allergies)


The price includes a gift for the birthday boy and a free ticket for all participants (minimum 9 people)

Laser birthday at our Laser Island Málaga

In the event that you exclusively prefer the adrenaline of shooting your friends and family with laser pistols, you can rent our venue or our laser room to organize a birthday party. Laser Island is a Laser Tag with a capacity of up to 8 adults. So you would also play in teams of 4-5 people depending on the number of participants, being able to be the same Prison teams or change teams.

Laser games are designed to last 6 minutes, since it is the time studied to have a better experience.

If you wish to contract this activity as a unique birthday activity, it is also possible. The Laser Tag room can be reserved by time, so the price is independent of the number of participants. During the contracted time you will be able to enjoy as many games as possible, and the staff will guide you so that you can have different types of games, both by teams, as individuals, by points or by lives in pure style «Fortnite«. 

The price of the Laser game is 300€ for 120 minutes game at our Happy Hour (Monday to Thursday) and 90 minutes game at any other time. This price does not include food but it does include a t-shirt for the birthday boy and a free ticket for all participants.

The price of the food is 12€ per person and includes half a pizza, a drink and snacks.

Contact us to book

To book an original birthday party or to clarify any questions, please contact us at malaga@prisonisland.es or call us at  951 81 09 22

You can also consult the frequently asked questions for Prison Island and Laser Island.

Prison Island Malaga Birthday

Prison Island It has a dynamic similar to an escape room but with very varied cells where teams of 3-4 people You have to manage to solve the greatest number of cells possible in the given time, you are never locked up, but if a cell is very complex you can go to the next one.

They can participate up to 64 people at once. If you were more you can always organize several shifts.

If you want to hire a birthday party with this activity, the conditions are the same as for the Combo Pack, are needed at least 9 participants.

Whether it is for children's birthday celebrations, for adolescent birthdays, for special celebrations (such as turning 18) or for adult birthdays, we are able to offer our place to enjoy the fun of escape rooms, the adrenaline of laser tag, and a space to eat, celebrate and sing happy birthday before blowing out the candles on the cake.

And it's not just us saying it, we have dozens of testimonials from celebrations on Trip Advisor and Google reviews that show what it's like to celebrate a birthday at our venue in Malaga (Benalmádena).


Examples of Cumples Combo and Laser Birthday Reviews

Fun Guaranteed: Prison Island + Laser Island Combo

“Funny plan! We went with friends and we had an incredible time, we took the Prison Island hour and a half combo + 3 games of laser tag, and I highly recommend it, we loved everything! The facilities are super good and the recommendations of the staff that work there were always very accurate. Highlight the professionalism of Lucía. If you want a different and fun plan, don't hesitate to come! We will repeat for sure.”
Maria Jose G.

children's birthday party

“A fantastic birthday celebration, two hours of fun for the kids, aged 12, they had a blast, very nice staff and very good pizzas. We will repeat.”
Sergio S.