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7 Incredible activities to enjoy a rainy day in Malaga

7 Increíbles actividades para disfrutar un día de lluvia en Málaga

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The rainy days can It may seem daunting, but in Malaga, the fun doesn't stop, even when the sky is cloudy! If you find yourself in the city in the rain, don't worry. In this article, we will present you with a list of exciting activities that you can enjoy to make the most of your day, including the most exciting option in Prison Island.

What to do in Malaga if it is raining?

1. Explore culture in its museums

Malaga is home to an impressive variety of museums that offer shelter from the rain and a dose of culture. From the Picasso Museum to the Pompidou Center, immerse yourself in art and history while sheltering from the weather.

7 Increíbles actividades para disfrutar un día de lluvia en Málaga

2. Delight yourself with local cuisine

What better excuse to enjoy the delicious gastronomy of Malaga on a rainy day? Head to a cozy tapas bar or a traditional restaurant and delight your palate with typical dishes such as fried fish or gazpacho.

3. Visit the stores and shopping centers

Escape the bad weather by exploring the numerous shops and shopping centers in Malaga. From local boutiques to big chains, you'll find everything you need while staying dry and entertained.

7 Increíbles actividades para disfrutar un día de lluvia en Málaga

4. Relax in a Spa or Wellness Center

What better way to combat the cold and rain than with a day of relaxation and pampering at a spa or wellness center? Enjoy massages, facials and jacuzzis to revitalize body and mind.

7 Increíbles actividades para disfrutar un día de lluvia en Málaga

5. Discover the architecture of historic buildings

Let yourself be amazed by the impressive architecture of Malaga by visiting historic buildings such as the Malaga Cathedral or the Alcazaba. Admire the beauty of these monuments while you shelter from the rain.

7 Increíbles actividades para disfrutar un día de lluvia en Málaga

6. Enjoy a movie or theater session

Immerse yourself in the world of cinema or theater and enjoy an exciting movie or a captivating play while the bad weather rages outside. Malaga has a wide selection of cinemas and theaters for all tastes.

7 Increíbles actividades para disfrutar un día de lluvia en Málaga

7. Experience the thrill of Prison Island

Are you looking for a truly unique and exciting experience for your rainy day in Malaga? ¡Prison Island is the answer! This escape room challenges you to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and escape from a fictional prison while working as a team with your friends. Thrills are guaranteed, no matter the weather! Get to know our Escape room in Malaga!

Why Prison Island is the perfect option

Excitement and Fun

Prison Island offers an exciting and challenging experience that will keep you entertained for hours.


It's a perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds with friends and family as you work together to overcome challenges. You can put your teamwork skills into practice in our laser battle.

Shelter from the rain

Escape the bad weather and immerse yourself in the adventure of Prison Island while staying dry and comfortable indoors.

Remember that we have 3 ways to enjoy prison, choosing the pack that best suits you.

Prison + Laser Island
Reserve our Combo Pack and you can play both Prison Island and Laser Island for an unbeatable price!
Prison Island
Get ready to solve the 24 challenges of skill, strength, memory and ingenuity that await you in the cells of Prison Island!
Laser Tag
Join your friends and prepare for the battlefield in the 200m2 room laser tag that you will have at your disposal!


Although the weather can be unpredictable, in Malaga there is never a shortage of options to enjoy a rainy day. From exploring museums and shops to relaxing at a spa or enjoying an exciting adventure on Prison Island, a escape room in Malaga for all tastes and ages. So next time you find yourself stuck in the rain in Malaga, make the most of your day with these exciting activities!

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